2pc Set / Quicksand + Voodoo Blue Tacomas with matching #s

Image of 2pc Set / Quicksand + Voodoo Blue Tacomas with matching #s
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This set is unheard of, we were able to match a limited number of pins with the same number. This is highly sought after for the true Leen Customs Collector.

An exclusive collaboration with Leen Customs. Our 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma has been added to Leen Customs Pin Garage Collection, not once but twice.

1pc Voodoo Blue V1 Tacoma pin + Backing Card
1pc Quicksand V2 Tacoma with movable RTT pin + Backing Card
Both pins will have the same number etched on the back side of pin.

Voodoo Blue V1 Tacoma:
Limited Edition 100 pc. Pin Set.

Quicksand V2 Tacoma with movable RTT:
Limited Edition 250 pc. Pin Set. With an updated look! Featuring a movable James Baroud Space Roof Top Tent on top of our RLD Designs Canopy and can't forget our Fifteen52 Traverse HD Wheels. Something new for 2019.

Each pin is individually numbered in the back making them exclusive to that specific variant model, once numbered that specific pin will not be crafted again.

Front side: Custom Color Enamel
Back side: Logo Laser Etched & Numbered

Style: Soft Enamel
Material: Aluminum
Size: 1.7"